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Interview ► FT Bolivia reportage: “Dreams of the Sea”

© Fabio Cutlica / Eyevina, for the FT magazine

© Fabio Cuttica / Eyevina, for the FT magazine

I was interviewed for “Dreams of the sea”, an award-winning reportage on Bolivia that was published in the Financial Times magazine. The piece has won the Bodley Head/FT essay prize, a competition that attracts hundreds of entries from writers around the world every year.

The credit for the quality of the piece goes all to the writer, Laurence Blair, who knows Chile and Bolivia well, having lived in both countries. The praise this piece received from historian Simon Schama (one of the competition judges) for its “deep sensitivity to the wounds of national sentiment” is well-deserved indeed. This is a valuable perspective in the analysis of international affairs, and is often missing in news reporting. The author’s own reflection concerning Bolivia’s sorrow for its lost coastline lingers in the mind: is international law equipped — or should it be — to deal with complex historical grievances?

The piece can be read on the FT site. It will also be published as an ebook by Bodley Head (Penguin Random House).

Op-ed ► United States, Venezuela and UNASUR: 4 Questions

*In The Huffington Post (US site), an English (and up-to-date) version of my El País article on the Venezuela-USA sanctions dispute.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 16.38.00The sanctions adopted by the U.S. government against seven mid-ranking Venezuelan state officials, who are involved in or are responsible for severe human rights violations, have prompted some strong reactions in Latin America for the past month.

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Interview ► Peru/Chile diplomatic spat over alleged espionage

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.58.33
Interview with ViceNews on the diplomatic impasse between Peru and Chile over allegations of espionage. You can read it here.
Entrevista con ViceNews, a propósito del impasse diplomático entre Perú y Chile a raíz de alegaciones de espionaje. Puede leerse aquí.