On women

My legal career has allowed me to witness an absence of women in leadership roles, both in the corporate world and in the public sector. My role as columnist, on the other hand, has made me very much aware of the lack of female voices in the opinion pages — a situation that is not uncommon even in the developed world.

‘Hay Mujeres’: our Advisory Board

For these reasons I am a founding member of HAY MUJERES (“There are women”), an institution created by Ángeles Fernández, the distinguished Spanish-Venezuelan political scientist. Hay Mujeres promotes the visibility of expert women in the public debate and it is the first organization of its kind in Latin America. Based in Chile, Hay Mujeres connects highly qualified women with institutions which require their expertise, including broadcasters. Hay Mujeres also aims to assist experts in developing their skills by providing experiences, insight and networking opportunities which will widen the impact of their voices.

I am also a member of Chile’s Association of Female Lawyers, a group which aims to highlight the contribution of female law graduates to society and increase their participation in institutions in the fields of law and justice. Finally, I am also a member of Comunidad Mujer, Chile’s leading organization for the promotion of gender equality in the workplace and in politics.

These three institutions fulfil an important role in advancing a cultural change. If I can be of any help in answering queries concerning their work, feel free to contact me by using this form.